I have been using these products for about 8 years. I love their scent (3 different types – herbal, floral and sandalwood). All scents are highly delicious and people comment on the aroma when I am wearing the face cream.

The texture of the cream is thick and nourishing. Ingredients are all pure and natural (no nasties). I know the producer has experimented for years, constantly improving texture. And it shows.

The creams contain 15% magnesium chloride, making it enough to give transdermal calming effects from the magnesium, but not too much to give the often reported stinging or itching effect that some people experience from other creams.

The lotion has a very pleasing lemon scent. It contains 30 % magnesium (so more therapeutic) and is a little thinner in texture than the cream. I use it on my body, especially legs when I have achy, crampy muscles. Fantastic product!

Elektra also offer a variety of other products, such as magnesium chloride flakes (for making your own magneium ‘oil’, or for soaking in baths with.

There are also baby lotions and pre-made magnesium ‘oil’ sprays and refills. I recommend them all. I love that they work a treat to supplement the body with magnesium – great for calming anxiety, preparation for sleep, staying calm, and easing muscle pains – even chest pains!