Who is Maniisha?

Hi, I’m Maniisha Bluntschli. I have worked in the natural health field most of my adult life. You could indeed say it is my passion.

After working with acupuncture and herbal medicine, specialising in women’s health conditions, I was exposed to the healing effects of light and ‘energy’ based therapies. I was impressed, to say the least!

Being so passionate about the field, I co-founded the Australasian Light Association, where we ran annual conferences Australia-wide, and free webinars to share knowledge all about the incredible effects of light, colour and sound therapy.

I was always curious to explore for myself the real effects of energy medicine, so I began a journey conducting independent research, using monochromatic light, pulsed frequency auricular and body colour-puncture, works with water, sound, and the multi-wave oscilator (MWO).

I have a small clinical practice in Fremantle, Western Australia, where I offer some truly unique light and colour based therapies, such as the Canadian Sensora therapy, the Swedish monocrom dome, Canadian Mindalive brain entrainmentred/near infrared therapy and more.

In 2021, I launched the Limbic Light podcast, as a method to provide free education about the marvels of light therapy, particularly for the brain and moods.

Its my mission to spread empowering information, in the form of classes, podcasts and webinars, to help people take their own health in to their own hands – become their own healer.

What Clients Say

Relief from anxiety

“Coloured light therapy under the guidance of Maniisha Bluntschli helped to elevate my emotions,  relieving symptoms of anxiety and relaxing the nervous system.  Maniisha’s professional expertise and excellent duty of care served to change crippling mood changes with the onset of menopause so that I was able to move forward in my life.”
 Mother, Artist & Yoga teacher

Management of chronic anxiety

“The light treatment has been most interesting and therapeutic. It has worked very well, significantly altering my mood and thinking. For two years recently, I’ve received light treatment each fortnight, for ten minutes each visit, proving most helpful with self management of my chronic anxiety and auto immune disorders .”
Retired Midwife, Marriage Celebrant


“I first came to Maniisha a long time ago. I remember a period of time where life was difficult for me. It had to do with swollen sore ankles, menopause and lack of sleep. I wasn’t sleeping well.
Maniisha has a huge toolkit of goodies (services and devices). We talked. I had bodywork, acupuncture and cupping. As time went on she got into light. As I got better, she liked to experiment on me.
Apart from Maniisha’s knowledge, one of her greatest assets is her enthusiasm for the client, and also her dedication. So the time one spends with her she is really present and really for you – in a big way.”
Art Therapist

Powerful penetrating meditation

I attended a Visioning/Conscious Creation session with Maniisha recently, and while I have done a lot of meditation and read a lot of books about “how to manifest your dreams”, Maniisha’s clear and concise information, coupled with a powerful, penetrating meditation she had created for the purpose of allowing us to really “be” with our own vision, was so moving and deep that I ended up in tears of elation!  I KNOW what I imagined is already there, waiting for the right moment for me to experience it fully in ‘reality’!  Thank You Maniisha!