Ep. 001 My Personal Journey to Using Light Therapeutics

My Personal Journey To Using Light Therapeutics

As host of the newly formed Limbic Light podcast, I thought it apt to introduce myself. So, my name is Maniisha Bluntschli. I have a passion for energy, light, colour and vibrational medicine. I have seen so many wonderful results using this type of therapy, I felt a calling to share it with the world, including you. So this is how this podcast was born.

Join me as I explain how I came to be entwined with, exploring this fascinating area of science and medicine.

Key Notes

  • Maniisha’s early years exploring the metaphysical.
  • Maniisha’s  training and education.
  • Having a partner with PTSD.
  • Struggling with depression after separation.
  • My first International Light Association conference in Austria.
  • Being introduced to monochrome therapy.
  • Conducting research studies with monocrom dome therapy for individuals with mood disorders.
  • Creating Australia’s own light association, the Australasian Light Association.
  • More studies using photobiomodulation.
  • The need for natural, safe solutions in mental health issues.
  • Educating how to use light in our environment wisely.
  • Our bodies are more than chemistry. They are also quantum fields of energy.
  • Intention to educate via podcasts and online courses.
  • Publishing every Thursday.

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Website : www.maniisha.com

Website : www.light-acupuncture.com

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