Ep. 002 What is Light Therapy?

What Is Light Therapy? With Maniisha Bluntschli

Light therapy is so often misconceived as to what it is. For our first episode, I thought it a wise move to give you a decent background understanding of the meaning of and scope of light therapies.

Key Notes

  • Light therapies is more than white light boxes and reiki light healing (1:10)
  • Another definition of light therapies is ‘the use of light, natural or artificial to induce a therapeutic action on body, mind or soul level’ (2:30)
  • The meanings of terms used – such as photo, photon, photobiomodulation, chromo, helio, infrared, UV, wavelength, frequency (1:15)
  • Light is more than the visible electro-magnetic spectrum (6:55)
  • EMF radiation is also a form of light having effect on our biology (7:40)
  • Sound is another form of energy which is a ‘lower octave’ of light  (8:30)
  • Thought could be considered a form of ‘light’ or energy very high up in frequency on the electro-magnetic scale (9:15)
  • The main areas how light therapy can be delivered are via the eyes, skin, joints, acupuncture points, ears, organs, head/brain, blood. (10:10)
  • Light (especially near infra red)  to the eyes can be used forvisual problems. Light to eyes can also be used for neurological brain issues, as in Syntonics, a branch of behavioural optometry (11:25)
  • Light therapy through the eyes can also be administered using coloured filterd glasses (13:30)
  • Light therapy via eyes to brain for mood conditions can also be administered via the monocrom dome (14:08)
  • Light via the skin can be done via sun exposure (helpful for immunity) (16:26)
  • The beauty industry are using light on the skin for facial rejuvenation, fat loss via masks, lasers, red light therapy (17:35)
  • Blue light is used for skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, rashes and also for newborns with too much bilirubin in blood (18:20)
  • Photodynamic therapy is light injected into the blood, or on the skin, targeted to interact with specific colour pigment substances to treat cancer, both on skin and internally (18:50)
  • Light therapy on the skin , especially red light, is used ot speed up healing of stubborn sores and wounds, as in diabetes (20:35)
  • Light onto the joints. tendons or muscles clears up injuries and inflammations quickly (21:15) 
  • Light can be used on acupuncture points as a viable alternative for needles (22:40)
  • Russian study shows that light placed on one end of the body will be detected in another distal area of the body, via ultra weak photon emmissions. Light travels through the body, via conductive connective tissue. (23:25)
  • Light in the internal ear is being used successfully in Germany to treat tinnitus (25:40)
  • Light to the external ear is used for auricular point stimulation (Auriculotherapy) – a system developed by Dr. Paul Nogier, well used for sleep, pain, nerve problems and addictions (26:40)
  • Light to the organs can be achieved by applying nearinfrared light which penetrates 5 to 10 cm deep (28:55)
  • You can treat the liver by placing near infrared light under right ribs on an acupuncture point LIVER 13, or treat heart, thymus and lungs by placing light over chest area (29:30)
  • Treating the thymus improves the immunity and helps regenerative anti-aging effects  (30:40)
  • The thyroid can be helped, especially for hashimoto’s disease,  by using light over throat areas (31:45)
  • Shining red and near infra red light on the testes can improve testosterone levels (32:14)
  • Shining nearinfra red light on the skull, transcranial therapy, is being explored and research  for brain conditions like parkinson’s, altzeimers, brain injuries and strokes. (33:00)
  • Irradiating the blood with light can be done internally (via intravenous laser) or externally via irradiating the skin above blood vessels which come close to the surface, like behind knees or at the wrist (34:19)
  • Irradiating blood is excellent to reduce inflammatory cytokines and is very helpful for chronic conditions such as auto-immune disorders, diabetes, cancer. (35:50)
  • External irradiation of blood can also be performed by intranasal light devices, like the vie light or or a laser with a nasal probe. 20  minutes in nose can irradiate the whole volume of blood. (37:09)

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