Ep. 035  Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar

Ep. 035 Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar

Learn all about the many health uses for apple cider vinegar, personal experiences, the importance of acidity for the digestion, best ways to take apple cider vinegar and the myth busting of alkaline water. Content Resources Gratitude to David Niven Miller – Grow Youthful website here Contact Maniisha Bluntschli – queries and online consultations here…

Ep. 033  Cancer Part 1

Ep. 033 Cancer Part 1

Is there more to forming cancer than genetics? In this podcast episode, Maniisha and David take a look at some alternative perspectives of what’s behind cancer, such as the Warburg Effect, cancer as a fermentation process, sugar, oxygen levels, mitochondria, Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) and traumatic stress in the system known as German New Medicine….