Biofield Readings

Use GDV Camera To Discover Your Energy Field Health

What is our energy field?

Our body emits light, sound, heat, magnetism and electricity. All these emissions make up our energy field.

Studying our energy field gives us large clues to the state of health (or ill health) our body is going through.

What is the GDV camera?

The GDV camera is a Russian light sensitive camera which uses a form of Kirlian Electro-Photography which measures the light emissions from the ten fingertips. This method is used to analyse the human biofield.

GDV stands for Gas Discharge Visualisation. ‘Gas’ refers to a type of plasma emitted from our body. ‘Visualisation’ refers to the ability to view the plasma patterns. ‘Discharge’ refers to the body’s emissions of the plasma.

The gas discharge visualization (GDV) camera, was developed by Dr. Korotkov Co., St. Petersburg, Russia, and is the best-known form of contemporary high-voltage electrophotography.

How does the GDV work?

Kirlian photography is a technique which records photographic images of coronal light discharges of living creatures, showing the bio-energetic field of living creatures. It was first discovered in Russia in 1948. The GDV technique is a modernized form of this technique which uses computerized analysis.

An evaluation of the fingertip sectors is made using Korean Sujok hand acupuncture. An analysis is made, looking at all the major organs and tissues of the body.

The GDV camera emits a micro pulse charge (10-microsecond) of high-frequency (1024 Hz), high-voltage electricity (10-15 kV), which is safe to body and induces a response from the body to emit a flare of visible light.

An electro-glass plate in the camera captures the glowing gas plasma of charged particles from the finger which is then sent to a computerized program for analysis.

What does the camera read?

Virtually all major organs and tissues can be read in the energy field. Additionally, by studying the major endocrine glands, a read out of the chakras (major energy centres) is also shown.

There are two major parameters to look for in reading a GDV assessment. First, the amount of coherence (or symmetry) in the field. Second, the amount of light being emitted (or lack of).

High order (coherency) indicates a healthy energy field.

Chaos (low coherency) indicates poor health.

Flares of energy usually indicate pain, inflammation or hyperactivity, sometimes even abnormal growths.

Deficient areas usually indicate a weakness or chronic illness in the corresponding area. If there is overall weakness, it can be a sign of stress.

Why Measure?

Identify health issues before they manifest

Prevent illnesses from developing by catching them while they are still in early or undetected stages.

Gives feedback on emotional states

GDV easily registers energy patterns from disturbed (or balanced) emotional states which helps to pinpoint underlying emotional causes of illness.

Shows us which therapies are working

GDV is very helpful as an assessment / research tool. It helps get clear feedback if a therapy is benefiting or disturbing your body, and in what ways.

Know your strengths & weaknesses

Without complicated tests, you will know where your body and psyche is strong, and where it is challenged.

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