Colour Sound Dome 2

Ep. 019 Building A Dome for Colour & Sound Therapy

My Journey Building A Dome for Colour & Sound Therapy,

with Maniisha Bluntschli

Maniisha Blunstchli, creator of Limbic Light Podcast, is on a mission to build a dome to house a unique colour, sound and vicbro-accoustic healing system for her community to use. In this episode she explains the process of her first inspirations, manifestations, design and finally hard work (and blessings) that has gone into this project.

Key Notes

  • 0:54  Maniisha has a recurring vision of colour light healing temple.
  • 2:10  An experience with the Sensora Therapy system at the International Light Association conference in Oslo.
  • 5:54  Placing her ‘dream image’ in her mind frequently, Maniisha imagined using the Sensora in a dome structure.
  • 6:35  Receiving a ‘gift’ from ‘Universe’ at another light conference
  • 8:50  Maniisha works out a method to provide a ‘home’ (space) for the Sensora healing system. 
  • 10:22 Learning and begining to build an ‘aircrete’ dome.
  • 14:30  Exploring the possibility of building another dome at the city clinic in Fremantle.
  • 17:27 Working out a different & easier method of building her dome in Fremantle. 
  • 22:20  Domes have unique acoustic properties.
  • 23:50  How the dome will be used for therapy.

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My Personal Journey Building a Dome for Colour & Sound Therapy

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