Ep. 020 Restoring Sleep By Block Blue Light

Restoring Sleep by Blocking Blue Light, with Daniel Ebbett

Today’s Guest

Daniel Ebbett is the founder of New Zealand’s premier supplier of blue and artificial light blocking products. Daniel originally created his business, Block Blue Light, as a result of a need to fix his own health issues. 

Suffering from chronic insomnia, as well as eye strain and migraines, Daniel’s overall health and wellbeing was declining.  He had no idea why. There were many frustrating and failed attempts to try and fix his health issues. 

Deciding to do his own research, he stumbled across how light (specifically, blue light) impacts circadian rhythms by suppressing melatonin secretion, which in turn can cause sleep issues. He also discovered how chronic exposure to artificial light during the day could also cause eye strain, migraines, and even lead to permanent eye damage.

Realising that over exposure to artificial light could be the root cause of his problems, he quickly went about researching and designing the ultimate pair of blue blocking glasses backed by science that address the exact frequencies of blue (and green) light required to be blocked after dark to optimally produce melatonin for restorative sleep and health.

The design came back and worked like a dream, and BlockBlueLight was born! Daniel started selling these glasses online to provide  the very best in blue blocking technology. Customers soon started flooding in and began reporting profound benefits to the quality of their sleep.

Daniel now has a passionate and dedicated research and development team that has developed a wider range of glasses and various lighting products to cut out additional sources of blue light.

From Daniel’s humble beginnings, his company has now become recognised as one of the most trusted international brands and leaders in blocking blue light technology.

Key Notes

  • (5:25) Daniel’s healing journey by addressing light in his environment
  • (11:50) Different stages and cycles during our sleep
  • (13:10) How deep sleep effects our body
  • (15:40) The pros & cons of using an Oura ring for tracking sleep quality
  • (24:20) REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and its health effects
  • (28:54)  The top tip in helping deep sleep is returning to nature & its cycles.
  • (38:00) The specific wavelengths of light to avoid at night.
  • (41:43) Day time computer use requires specific glasses with less blue blocking.
  • (53:12) Sleeping at night requires total blackness to improve sleep.
  • (55:46) A discussion about light globes, new LED technology & flicker.
  • (1:00:12) The skin absorbs light frequencies  also, making it  important to install healthy house lights.

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Restore Sleep by Blocking Blue Light,
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