Ep. 021 Our Electric Body

Our Electric Body, with Maniisha Bluntschli

You’ll Learn

  • What electricity is
  • How our cells act like batteries
  • The required cell voltage for health
  • The relationship between cell voltage & PH
  • What happens when cell voltage goes down
  • Why fats are so important to our body electricity
  • Scientific discoveries about acupuncture meridians & points
  • Robert Becker’s research work on voltage & regeneration
  • About our second nervous system
  • Reasons why cell voltage goes down
  • Methods to correct cell voltage

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Our Electric Body, with Maniisha Bluntschli

Key Notes

  • (2:05) Our body is made up of electric and magnetic fields
  • (3:40) Our body requires energy (or ‘qi’, vital force, electricity) to make all physiological functions work effectively.
  • (5:20) An exploration of the meaning of electricity and voltage.
  • (6:15) Scientists from the ‘Electric Universe’ maintain that all of life is electric.
  • (9:40) Cells have a double fat layer (membrane) which acts like a capacitor (storer of electric charge).
  • (10:22) Our cells need a voltage of -25 to -20 mvolts to function properly.
  • (12:20) Cells which have a +30 mv charge become cancerous
  • (12:40) Cell voltage is related to PH levels (acidity / alkalinity balance).
  • (14:02) Injuring the body takes cells at the injured site temporarily to a very high -50 mv.
  • (14:55) Chronic illness starts when there is not enough voltage upon injury to do the healing.
  • (15:57) Healthy fats are required to be able to store change in the cell membrane.
  • (21:20) Its also essential to digest fats well which can be assisted by taking digestive enzymes.
  • (23:02) All our nerves sheath (coating) is also made of fat.
  • (23:47) Fibrous (connective) tissue has a cellular arrangement which makes it a ‘semi-conductor’ of electricity.
  • (25:38) Acupuncture meridians correlate to bundles of muscles covered by fibrous tissue.
  • (27:01) In a study, 85% of acupuncture points were found to have a right angle bend of fibrous tissue from the muscles to the surface of skin.
  • (29:28) The are six major pairs of electrical ‘circuits’ (meridians) in the body.
  • (30:25) Orthopedic surgeon, Robert Becker, studied regeneration of tissue in relation to cell voltage.
  • (37:30)  Our first nervous system is made up nerves and brain, is considered digital. Our second nervous system is made of fibrous tissue and considered to be anolog in nature, responsible for healing and repair.
  • (39:39) Assessment of electrical imbalanced areas can be performed by use of a laser, strong red light torch or microcurrent device rubbed down the spine. ‘Sticky’ or higher sensation tingling areas are areas which require more attention.
  • (41:55) Main reasons for lower charge in an area include – thyroid underacticity, emotional traumas lodged in our energy field, scars & dental problems.
  • (50:06) Self assessment of meridian circuit problems can be done by observing health problem & scar locations (& their relation to a meridian chart), checking emotions, looking at a tooth chart & facial lines.
  • (52:30) Correcting low voltage includes fixing teeth & gum issues, use micro-current  or PEMF on problem areas, heal scar tissue & therapy to release past traumas, lots of healthy fat, alive food and lots of sunlight.

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