Ep. 006 Reduce EMFs to Save Sleep & Reduce Anxiety

How To Save Your Sleep & Calm Anxiety by Reducing EMFs

Today’s Guest

Maniisha Bluntschli, host of the Limbic Light Podcast, researcher and educator of light therapeutics presents  on a topic which affects a huge proportion of our population – anxiety.

Through Maniisha’s excess of 35 years clinical experience as an acupuncturist and natural health therapist, she developed an awareness of how much our environment impacts our psychological health. In particular, she grew to realise that electro-magnetic radiation is one of the most prominent, all pervasive and powerful, yet unrecognised pollutants to our health.

She began to use a meter to measure her own environment, and then also those of her clients, friends and families. She became very concerned when she noticed that people who would generally respond well to therapies and natural treatments would not respond as expected. It was only when they began to address the high levels of exposure to microwave and low frequency radiation that changes to their health could go forward.

In particular she noticed how much of a difference people could make to their anxiety levels by simply changing how they use their mobile phones and wireless devices.

In this episode, she explores the topic of how common in our homes and on our smart devices may be contributing to brain changes, which ultimately lead to poor sleep and anxious moods. She also describes simple, applicable actions to take to reducing EMFs to make a huge difference on mood and mind health.

You’ll Learn

  • The two major offending types of EMF
  • The five main methods to reduce EMF in your environment.
  • An array of practical how to tips to protect yourself and your family to improve sleep and moods.

Key Notes

  • (2:04)  Three major  common contributing factors for anxiety which are most often overlooked are –  digital overload, improper use of lights, and exposure to large amounts of electro-magnetic radiation.
  •  (3:36)  What is EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies / Radiation)
  • (4:11)  Why EMFs matters for our health.
  •  (5:00)  Two major types of EMF, microwave (smart devices) and low frequency magnetic fields (from electrical appliances and wires). 
  • (9:25)  How to work out how much radiation you are being exposed to by using meters.
  • (10:43) The reasons why its so difficult to educate people about the dangers of EMFs.
  •  (11:44) Safety levels of EMFs are best observed by European countries’ levels.
  • (14:35)  EMFs impacts anxiety levels and neuro-psychiatry by two major ways – by adversely affecting our mitochondria and by impacting the quality of our sleep.
  • (16;40) Five top tips to improve mood health and reduce EMFs – turn off devices when not needed,  create distance, make a shield between self and device, wire it instead of wifi it, limit exposure times.
  • (18:08)  Sleep is critical to mental health. So night-time turning off of devices is crucial.
  • (19:21)  A special hack to improve sleep is to turn electrical power off to the bedroom at bed-time.
  •  (21:10) Turn mobile phone off when travelling a car, especially if you are far out of mobile range.
  • (23:22)  If essential to use wifi, turn the modem off when not needed.
  • (24:07)  Turn data off your mobile phone instead of leaving on as the default. Only turn on data or wifi when needing to check email messages or internet.
  • (25:42)  Place your child’s device on flight mode when they are playing computer games. The same goes for when listening to the mobile phone as an MP3 player.
  • (27:34)  Always create distance between a mobile phone and the body – particularly when it’s in use. There is a close correlation to cancerous tumours and congested glands in ears and neck when phones are held up against the body. Create at least 30 cm distance away from your body.
  • (31:00) If using ear phones for your mobile phone, always use wired earplugs which have airtubes as metal wires will conduct the radiation up to the head.
  •  (32:02)  Smart meters put out large irregular pulses of microwave pulses. So create a distance between your smart meter – especially your bed – at least 3 metres away.
  • (33:30) Magnetic fields are emitted by electrical devices. Remove your bed away from a fridge on the other side of the wall.
  • (35:15)  Avoid use of baby monitors as they put out large levels of microwave. If you do use one, make at least three metres distance between monitor and your baby’s bed.
  • (35:50)  Cordless phones are a great hazard. Best avoid them as they put out large levels of microwave radiation.  Or use an Eco phone (low radiation), turn off at night and don’t have one by the bed.
  • (37:00)  Create shields or barriers are useful if you can’t turn something off (or won’t). This is useful for smart meters (shields on walls), Amount of flicker of lights can be measured by a light meter. Computer screens and fluorescent lights put out a lot of flicker.
  • (41:15) Treat fabric clothing shielding cautiously as they may conduct the radiation on to the skin, if its touching your body. Shielding fabric can be useful for curtains.
  • (42:40) You can obtain shielded cases for your mobile phone. But exercise caution to get one which really works.  
  • (43:40)  Use ethernet cables in preference than using a wire free option. This can be used in a house to connect a modem to multiple computers in a household. Check computer’s wifi is turned off and check modem wifi is also turned off.
  • (46:06) Always use wired (or non-blue-tooth) options (or flight mode) in preference on wifi devices –  like home phones, neuro-feedback devices, fitbits, oura ring and such.
  • (47:30)  Limit time of use – text instead of calling, make calls short, modem off when not needed, smart devices off when not needed, only use devices minimally when needed.
  • (48:10) Top tip is look after your sleeping area.

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