Recommended Tools

Recommended Tools

Here are a list of my top recommended tools to help you on your journey to learn how to help yourself or others achieve a calm, clear, zen state of being.

The products recommended here are trialed and tested for ease of use and effectiveness. With each recommendation, I shall leave you a short review of my own, based upon my experience.

Full transparency – I make a small commission from the sales from some of the products on this page. As I see it, if you use the links I provide you with, we all the benefit – the designer of the product, myself for taking time to test, review and recommend, and of course YOU, receiving trusted guiding information to help you make a wise purchase!

if you purchase from the links I provide, you will be helping me generate a small return for my work. And this is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your loyalty and custom!

Light & Sound Therapy Tools

  • Mind Alive David Delight (Audio-Visual Brain Entrainment)
  • Sensolight
  • Sensosphere
  • Sensora Learn More Here
  • Monocrom
  • Photonstimulator (For Colour-Puncture & Auricular Therapy)
  • Sedatelec Colour Therapy Torches
  • Easyo – Auriculomedicine Detectors
  • Avant LZ30 Low Level Laser
  • Red Light Therapy Pads

Audio Hypnosis / Meditation Recordings

  • Blue Ball Of Light
  • Healing Power of Water
  • Body Scan
  • Create Your Dream
  • Colour Light Meridian Meditation
  • Ray Of Peace
  • Colour Meditation For Immunity

Light Health

  • Block Blue Glasses
  • Sleep Eye Mask
  • Amber/Red Reading Lamps
  • Red / Amber House Lights



  • Optimoil
  • Terpenes Read My Testimonial
  • Ona’s Progesterone Cream Read More
  • Elektra Magnesium Cream, Lotion, Oil and Salts Read My Testimonial
  • Reef Asta Astaxanthin
  • MSM
  • DMSO

Free Stuff

  • F.lux (App For Reducing Blue Light On Phones & Computers)
  • Audacity (Program For Creating Audio Tracks)
  • Gnaural (Program for Creating Binural Beats)

EMF Safety

  • Ethernet Cable
  • Non-Wifi Modem
  • Non-Microwave House Phone
  • Air Tube Ear Phone Headset