Ep. 012 Creating Your Reality Using Consciousness with Light

Consciousness and Energy Create Reality, with Maniisha Bluntschli

Today’s Guest

Maniisha Bluntschli, researcher, podcaster, practitioner of acupuncture, herbal medicine and light therapeutics explains a principle called Consciousness and Energy creates Reality.

This equation is also a practice which she learnt from Ramtha, a teacher and channelled entity through the medium JZ Knight. She describes the unique practice which she used in her time as a student of the Ancient School of Wisdom. 

Maniisha uses a GDV, electro-photography Russian camera which measures emissions of light emanating from the body to study the changes to energy fields of someone practicing C & E process.She uses brain entrainment to implant positive messages deep into the subconscious mind.

You’ll Learn

How our consciousness and imaging can be combined with light therapeutics to determine a more effective therapeutic outcome.

Key Notes

  • (1:18)  The principle of ‘Consciousness and Energy Create Reality’ comes from an entity called Ramtha, channelled through JZ Knight 
  • (3:01)  Ramtha taught a practice and equation to his students abbreviated to C + E = R (meaning Consciousness plus Energy makes Reality)
  • (3:57) Consciousness means information. Energy is the wave carrier of information, which can be sound, light or any form of electro-magnetic wave of energy.
  • (5:02) Consciousness can be a thought, a word or an image. When these combine together, it will determine the outcome.
  • (5:55) Dose and wave form of microwave can determine the outcome – whether it is healing or detrimental.
  • (7:14) Ramtha taught a unique C & E meditative discipline practice.
  • (8:22) When our eyes are shut for a few minutes, our brain begins to produce alpha brain waves, which is the bridge to hypnotic theta waves and higher creative gamma waves.
  • (8:58) The C & E practice involved placing hands in a mudra hand position which are commonly used in yogic practices to elicit a specific energy state. 
  • (9:15) The C & E practice also uses visualisation of a desired outcome. This is the information /consciousness part of the equation. 
  • (11:15) An experiment measuring the changes of energy light fields with a GDV electro-photon imaging camera, showed significant positive changes to the energy field and the seven major energy centres of the body.
  • (14:35) Infusing visual images, words or positive messages with light therapies can greatly improve the outcome of the therapeutic results.  
  • (15:39) Brain entrainment can be used to change the brain’s brainwave state. Using theta (Schuman resonance) can induce a state of hypnosis, perfect to infuse messages via a self guided meditation or visualisation. 

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Links & Resources

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GDV (Biowell) Camera 

Downloadable Images of Before and After C and E Practice 

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Download Free Copy of Maniisha’s’ Body of Light’ Audio Visualisation Meditation

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