Ep. 017 Solutions For Tinnitus

Tinnitus – New Perspectives & Natural Solutions, with Maniisha Bluntschli

You’ll Learn

  • Types of tinnitus (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & conventional medicine)
  • How tinnitus is linked to inflammation
  • Natural solutions for tinnitus

Key Notes

  • 2:15 A definition & background of tinnitus
  • 3:08 TCM types of tinnitus (excess & deficient types)
  • 5:34 Treatment with acupuncture requires treating the ‘root’ (cause) and ‘branch’ (symptoms).
  • 6:25 Two other causes of tinnitus include – physical damage from loud noise (accounts for 20 percent of cases) and lack of blood flow to neck & occipital areas (accounts for 80 percent).
  • 7:15 Newer perspectives of tinnitus consider it to be casued from a traumatic injury to neck or brain area which causes ‘lymphodema’ (swelling of lymph tissue in head areas).
  • 10:52  Stress can reduce blood flow to the brain and ears via excess adrenaline constricting blood vessels.
  • 12:00 Tinnitus requires patience to treat.
  • 13:10  Correcting jaw misalignment can correct tinnitus. 
  • 15:20  Massaging the jaw area under and around ear with magnesium topic creams relaxes tension to increase blood flow to ears.
  • 16:48  Deeply relaxing therapies will improve tinnitus symptoms.
  • 18:09 Audio-visual brain entrainment is effective in treating TMJ & tinnitus.
  • 21:20  Cranio-electro-stimulation puts a micro-current through the occipital area increases relaxation, decrescres anxiety & tinnitus.
  • 22:19  Low level laser therapy over neck, cranial & occipital points & also inside the ear improves tinnitus. Near infrared wavelengths work better as it penetrates deeper.
  • 24:43 Specific acupuncture points useful for tinnitus include – GB 20, DU 16, SJ 17, GB points around the ear, 3 points straight infront of ear or distal points.
  • 27:10 A mild flare-up of symptoms may occur temporarily, which is natural in the healing response. Use lower doses & persist longer term.
  • 29:00 High adrenaline cuts down micro-circulation to ears, causing tinnitus. It can be counteracted by applying a 5% progesterone cream to occipital areas, several times in a day.
  • 32:13 DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) has been shown to cure tinnitus by using 40 % DMSO drops in the ear with a lotion of cayenne, DMSO & aloe vera applied around the ear 4 times per day, within one month.

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Solutions for Tinnitus

Links & Resources

  •  Book ‘The Pain Truth – Seven Simple Steps to Help Pain’ – By Dr. Mark Rogers
  •  Podcast with Dr. Dwight Jennings’ treating   tinnitus with jaw work.  
  • Audio-visual brain entrainment – MindAlive research for tinnitus
  •  Low level laser device for tinnitus 
  • Book – ‘The DMSO Handbook for Doctors’ by Archie Scott. 

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