Ep. 005 Red Light Therapy – Healing Pain & Injuries

Red Light Therapy – Healing Pain, Injuries & Improving Sleep,

with Susan Poole

Red Light Therapy is becoming the world’s fastest growing and most well-known form of light therapy. Known also as photobiomodulation, near infrared light therapy or previously also known as low level laser therapy (LLLT), this therapy holds many highly prized benefits with it. Biohackers are using it for keeping fit, trim and strong, athletes to improve their performance and recovery, the beauty industry for facial rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle treatments, anti-celllulite and weight loss, sports practitioners to improve healing of injuries, the elderly for healing stubborn wounds and improving brain function. The list goes on. This episode deserves your attention to discover a little more about how you can use it to benefit your health,  your pet’s health, your family and friends’ health.

Today’s Guest

Today we will be listening to an enterprising and innovative woman who has been at the forefront of using  and inventing devices for red & near-infra red light therapy.

Susan Poole originally trained as an exercise physiologist. She holds two degrees from the University of Western Australia – a Bachelor of Human Movement and Exercise Science, and a Masters Degree in Education.

Sue worked in the field of human rehabilitation throughout the 1980s and 90s before she left the industry to work with horses. Through her open minded exploration and research, she began to use red light therapy to help animals heal faster from injuries. From this Sue, moved on to create her very own Red Light Therapy Pads company, now servicing not only animals but humans too.

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You’ll Learn

  • Red Light therapy protocols to help immunity
  • Protocols to help sleep, your brain and moods
  • When to use red light cautiously
  • Recommended dosages of red light
  • What to do if you experience any detox reactions

Key Notes

  • Overview of Red Light Therapy  (1:52)
  • The wavelengths used in red in near infrared range –  (2:07)
  • Red light therapy has systemic and blood benefits, especially by irradiating the blood vessels close to skin’s surface  (3:00)
  • Red light therapy works on mitochondria to make ATP in all cells (3:33)
  • Light comes in via skin cells, which means its important to get sun’s rays in early morning as 43% of morning sun is near infra red light (4:32)
  • Sue’s first experience using red light therapy for healing her horse’s injuries (5:30)
  • Working with animals has advantages as there are no placebo effects (8:01)
  • Sue’s first impetus to create her own red light pads came from wanting to get away from using mains powered pads or hand held devices (like torches) for helping animals (8:37)
  • Sue describes how she used red light therapy sped up a severe knee injury for herself (10:04)
  • Sue describes the difference between using a torch to stimulate acupuncture points compared to using pads for larger areas of the body (12:36)
  • Red light therapy has effects on increasing production melatonin and improving sleep (14:44)
  • Using red light pads at night, especially on upper part of body calms the person and improves sleep (15:35)
  • Stimulating thyroid, metabolism and energy using red light therapy (16:35)
  • Using red light therapy for athletes helps recovery times and performance (17:30)
  • Using infrared and red light over abdomen helps the gut, microbiome and vagus nerve (19:20)
  • Using red light on both gut and on head, transcranially helps with the brain health (21:00)
  • Using the light around the neck areas, lymph areas, helps open blood flow to brain to reduce plaque (21:38)
  • Fighting viruses and colds can be effective using red light over neck gland areas if used early in infection (22:30)
  • Red light helps medicinal substances on skin to penetrate more deeply (24:00)
  • Dosages of red light therapy & conditions and sites on body to use caution with when using light therapy (24:55)
  • Detox reactions from using red light therapy & what to do if this happens (28:40)
  • Sue’s top tips for a protocol to help people with mood & brain issues (32:45)

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