Ep. 007 Lucia Light – Healing Spirit & Mind

The Lucia Light – Healing Mind & Spirit, with Nancy Bekhor

Today we have an intriguing woman with a deep and diverse background in fields of consciousness and mind medicine.

Nancy Bekhor, originally studied chemical engineering as the only woman at the time, followed by a degree in philosophy and pure Maths. Her honours thesis was in non-linearity of Time.

She is referred to as a lightworker and a wayfinder.

Nancy founded the Vital Life centre in Hong Kong in the 1980s, a centre for natural health and for consciousness expansion, long before consciousness topics were popular. She was privileged to study and work with ‘masters’. 

Nancy was introduced to a form of light therapy six years ago, called the Lucia Light, for which she is a researcher and is the current Australian distributor for.

The Lucia light is a fascinating light system developed by two Austrian doctors, neurologist  Dirk Proeckl and psychiatrist Engelbert Winkle.

Nancy has used the Lucia light extensively for mind, mood, neurological and even spiritual purposes.

She has performed trials using this light with people experiencing depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, addiction, cancer, seizures – and people who have experienced intense, protracted and chronic physical and emotional trauma. She has seen it stop panic attacks in less than 3 seconds.

She has seen it create calm in survivors of war. She has seen it restore equilibrium in the hearts of mothers who have lost their children. Likewise, she has also seen the light help healthy people gain more creativity and mental clarity.

Nancy claims to have learnt more about consciousness and vibration from being the single to mother to her 25 year old son Marley who has profound autism. 

You’ll Learn

  • Why creating psychedelic states are beneficial to healing mental health disorders.
  • What shaking in the body can mean in a healing experience.
  • How to develop a ‘high vibrational state’ to keep yourself enthused, eager and happy.

Key Notes

  • (3:35) Nancy explains how one of the Austrian doctors had a near Death Experience which was the inspiration to creating the Lucia Light and the topic of his doctorate thesis.
  •  (5:25) When light is shone on the forehead, the brain absorbs the light which creates an expansion of awareness.
  •  (6:05) Nancy explains how she was introduced to the Lucia light and the incredible anti-depressant and energising effects it had on her when she was the mother of a young autistic child.
  •  (10:15) When the third eye is assisted with light, enormous mood and mental health benefits are gained.
  •  (11:33) Nancy describes the Lucia light’s engineering – made of stainless steel, designed in Austria, two sizes (practitioner and home light) and like ‘piece of art’.
  •  (13:25) During the Lucia Light experience, the receiver’s brain waves enter a harmonious pattern which has been studied by the neurologist Austrian doctor.
  •  (14:42) A typical session involves sitting, eyes shut, in front of the light – the effect is like watching an extraordinary colour pattern light show.
  •  (15:05) Nancy explains ‘the psychedelic’ effect from the light on the mind makes the thinker and ‘worrier’ in us drop away.
  •  (16:15) The body is run by an extraordinary intelligence. When micro-dosing on psychedelic substances, the ‘thinker’ drops away, allowing all the worries and negative thinking to disappear. The body then gets to do ‘what its meant to do’, making itself well. The Lucia Light has a similar effect.
  • (19:32)  Nancy talks of a case of a seventy year old woman with memory problems and flying anxiety who became calm, overcame jetlag and increased her energy by using the Lucia Light.
  •  (22:30) As we age, it is possible that our brains become ‘deficient’ in light, causing age related psychological problems. Using Lucia light can reverse some of age-related problems.
  •  (24:42)  Research using the Lucia Light has shown only positive effects in all the trials performed.
  •  (25:28) Explaining some of the scientific reasons for the light working on the neurologically has limits, because most study is limited by the 3D world – light often supersedes this dimension, current biochemistry and physics.
  •  (29:17)  Cautions and contraindications for the Lucia light includes avoiding using if a person has flashing light induced epileptic fits. However Nancy challenges this notion. The Austrian doctors have used a protocol to help epileptics ‘de-sensitise’ their sensitivity to flashing light.
  •  (31:55) There is a misunderstanding of what a ‘seizure’ is. Some people will ‘contract’ or shake their body when they enter the gamma frequency range in their brain. This is transitory, healthy and allows tremendous healing in the body. The shaking is associated with ‘breakthroughs’ in the body and is a safe experience.
  •  (35:20)  A trial for autism is being conducted with the Lucia Light. Austistic people often have anxiety problems. Even though they are so gifted, they are also often misunderstood and trying so hard to ‘fit in’ with society.
  •  (37:35) Nancy explains that when she would stay in a state of ‘high vibration’, being enthusiastic, eager and happy, her autistic son would calm down. Visa versa, if she was stressed, he would have a ‘melt down’. Using the Lucia Light helped Nancy remain in this ‘high vibrational’ state. As a consequence, her life with her autistic son was ‘magic’.
  •  (39: 10) If you have a child with autism, “You have access to something extraordinary.” Austistic children ‘can feel through walls’. They are extremely sensitive. They can become our teachers and help us operate more from our heart.
  • (41:43) Nancy shares her three simple tips to creating a healthy and happy life.

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