D.K. Civil Celebrant & Retired Midwife

“…most helpful with self-management of my chronic anxiety and auto immune disorders .

“I have known Maniisha Bluntschli’s since 2008, having first met her at the Fremantle Women’s Health Centre where she was delivering a health promotion wellness talk on Chinese medicine.

Inspired by her natural modest presence and her long working history in Women’s Health, I sought her in private consultation and have been receiving her medical treatment regularly thereafter.

In my opinion she is a natural born healerHer healing skills surpass any other physician I have met to date. In my opinion she is a universal light worker and a trail blazer ahead of our time.  She has committed her life to research and healing services for humankind. 

She uses many different methods and modalities … traditional acupuncture, 
Chinese herbs, naturopathy, massage, lymphatic drainage and light (therapy) work. 

The light treatment has been most interesting and therapeutic. It has worked very well, significantly altering my mood and thinking

For two years recently, I’ve received light treatment each fortnight, for ten minutes each visit, proving most helpful with self management of my chronic anxiety and auto immune disorders . 

Maniisha has very thorough diagnostic skills and listens deeply to me. Her feed back and treatments are always exemplary.  Discussing options in detail, I always feel very safe nurtured and cared for. 

She is actively involved in health research ventures and avenues, here in Australia and Internationally.  Maniisha’s work and services are on the cutting edge, in this modern time.

I have experienced profound transformational healing with Maniisha. 
Therefore I highly recommend her healing services.”