How To Rewire Old Beliefs In Your Subconscious Mind and Replace them with New Better Beliefs – Part 3

Reprogram And Practice Persistently

In Part 1 of this three part article, we explored how to identify core beliefs that you may wish to change. Part 2 explained three effective methods to access the elusive subconscious mind. In this final part 3, you will find out about ways to reprogram your beliefs.

So once you have opened the door ways to your subconscious mind, its time to start reseeding and replanting new beliefs which are the sort you want to be growing.

New seedlings, just like tender new beliefs growing

One of the many pearls of wisdom given to me by my teacher, Ramtha, was (in my own words of recollection) “You don’t need to focus on eliminating old ways and beliefs. Instead keep planting new thoughts repetitively, over and over again, until the new seeds take over. There will be no more room left for the old unwanted weeds (beliefs) to exist as the new plants (beliefs) become stronger and naturally dominate the garden. They will do the rest of the work.”

I have always resonated with this type of thinking. Trying too hard to focus on what you don’t want usually puts us back to square one – where we don’t want to be. There is also a saying Choose where you place your attention wisely, as this is the new reality which will be formed’. As such, it is, in my experience, much better to focus forward to the new rather than back to the old.

However, in process of forming new beliefs, it is common to have a little internal battle. The old fights with the new. This is another reason why it is excellent to do ‘the work’ while in theta state. There is usually very little resistance in this state. The mind accepts what it is given easily in this state.

So how do you reprogram? By the clever use of selected words, images and feelings. In practical terms, you can use one or all of these as a tool to reprogram your subconscious mind. make sure you do it while in the theta state, either upon waking, before falling asleep, in deep meditation or in a brain entrainment hypnotic type state.

How do you use the words?

The spoken word has great power. In fact, every word we utter has power to influence our subconscious mind. This is why I always instruct people to ‘use your words wisely‘. Starting the practice of diligent mindfulness (or watchfulness) of the words you are using is the biggest step forward. If you notice you are speaking words which are counter-productive to your mental and general wellbeing, stop yourself! I often pull myself up during the day when I have noticed that I’ve given my subconscious mind a unhelpful message. For example, if I said “I can’t do this,” I will stop and say “No! That’s not true. I CAN do this. I am learning how to do this and I’ll eventually get it!” Little messages like these have enormous influence on our deep subconscious mind, especially when they are repeated often enough. So, to do the great work of changing the great mind, we need to address every little utterance we make.

To imprint the words even more powerfully, do it during the theta state, when the doors of our subconscious mind is wide open. Remember, to get into theta state, the simplest times and ways are the very first half hour after waking, and the half hour before falling asleep at night. Alternatively, if you meditate, you can make use of the end portion of your meditation time. Finally, if you need more help, you can use a brain entrainment session. (Re-read about brain entrainment here)

If you are alert enough to be saying your selected words while in theta state, that is excellent. If not, you can use a pre-recorded audio message to be playing while you are in the theta state. That means, listen to an audio message just before sleep, just upon waking, straight after or during meditation or during the audio-visual brain entrainment session.

Listen to an audio with your new messages superimposed over wonderful music, or just your voice alone.

With a little education, it is quite easy and simple to record your own script on your phone recorder. Even adding a little music to the audio is quite simple using the free program called Audacity. Alternatively, you can find pre-recorded self-hypnosis recordings. However they are seldom individualised to tailor your exact unique needs.

Daydreaming, or imagining is the other effective way to reprogram. Using the power of your rich imagination, you can take yourself into any situation in your mind and see yourself as you would like to be – any way!

Daydreaming and imagining your new realities are a valid way to change your subconscious patterns

Additionally, the power of ‘seeing’ is another way to imprint the subconscious mind. This is why its best to avoid violent or disturbing news and movies late at night (or really any time). Alternatively, you can read or watch inspiring and uplifting movies in the evening. You can use the power of ‘visioning’ also by making your own Vision Board. Place some of your desired dreams, and even photos of yourself, in a relaxed and happy state in certain situations on to a board which you see regularly thoughout the day. This also imprints your subconscious.

My son was an incredible manifestor. He would print out pictures from the internet of the audio equipment he really wanted to get. He would paste them above his bed so he could see them last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Even though he was only 10 years old, and had no money to purchase these things, he nearly always managed to manifest his wishes.

Vision boards help reprogram the subsconscious mind

My favourite practical suggestion is to make a short list of 3 or 4 new beliefs you wish to develop. As the example in part one of this article, the new beliefs were –

  • I am a beautiful being.
  • I am totally loved.
  • It doesn’t matter what people think of me.
  • I am capable of anything I chose to be good at.

Focus on just these a few simple words. Do your best to inject a sense of gratitude that you already are or have these qualities. Feeling thankful is one key secret in making this process work better.

As a note, sometimes we reject new statements that are in complete opposition to our old core beliefs. If you notice this happens, there are techniques to help this. Firstly, instead of saying “I am…” you can just simply say the quality. For example, instead of saying “I am a beautiful being,” you can just say “beautiful being,”  “totally loved,” “capable”.

Alternatively, you can also say “I love” at the beginning of the statement. So for example, you could say “I love being a beautiful being,”  “I love feeling totally loved,”  “I love being capable,” “I love not worrying about what people think of me,” “I love being myself.”  You will notice that the message given this way to your subconscious mind is more easily accepted so it can penetrate more deeply.

Feeling loved


So, in summary, here are the processes to rewire your beliefs and subconscious mind.

  • Identify some current beliefs by going through the 3 questions in Section 1
  • Identify and write down the new and healthier beliefs
  • Make an audio track of your own words (optional)
  • Repeat these words or sentences before sleep, upon waking and/or in meditation
  • Use the audio track with a brain entrainment system (if you purchase one) or before sleep or upon waking
  • Make a vision board. Print out optimal photos of you in your new state.
  • Let yourself go deep into imagination sessions and explore what it would feel like to be in your newer version.

That’s plenty of homework (or play) for now! Enjoy the process. Remember it often takes 90 days before you start seeing the seeds fully germinated and growing. So keep at it!

You can do it.

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