Ep. 010 Vagus Nerve Activation for Anxiety

Vagus Nerve Activation for Anxiety, with Maniisha Bluntschli

You’ll Learn

  • What is and where vagus nerve runs
  • Eight top simple ways to influence our moods using the vagus nerve activation

Key Points

  • 01:13  What is the vagus nerve?
  • 03:23  An analogy of the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system
  • 05:52  Healing can only occur when the parasympathetic nervous system is working well
  • 07:24  Vagus nerve wanders from occiput, ears, throat, chest/heart & then to many organs, especially digestive.
  • 09:02  Types of problems you can expect if vagus nerve isn’t working properly includes voice, throat, ear problems, heart irregularities, high blood pressure,  & gastric acid problems.
  • 10:19  ‘Liver Qi stagnation’ in TCM correlates closely to vagal nerve problems.
  • 11:42  FDA approves vagal nerve stimulation procedure for epilepsy.
  • 14:59  Eight ways to help vagus nerve
  • 15:47  Description of box breathing
  • 18:00  Cold swims, showers or face dunking (thermogenesis) treats depression, anxiety & reduces stress hormones.
  • 19:40  Soothing rhythmic sounds & voices regulates the vagus nerve.
  • 20:59  Singing, humming or playing musical instrument creates vibrations in the head, having soothing effect on nervous system.
  • 23:07  Eating lots of wholesome fats, like organic butter, coconut & MCT oils,  nourishes the myelin sheath of nerves.
  • 24:55  Massaging, both general & specific techniques, helps the vagus nerve.
  • 29:37  Stimulating acupuncture points using pressure, massage, electro-micro current or needles on specific points in occiput area & in ear is helpful 
  • 30:51  Light therapy can be applied by activation of ear & body acupuncture points using warming or cooling colours.
  • 36:50 Audio-visual brain entrainment can be used to deeply deeply relax the nervous system. 

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