Ep. 024 Understanding EMF Shielding

Understanding EMF Shielding, with Cyril Bourke

Today’s Guest

Cyril received his first qualifications in radio communications & radio electronics 1983. He then became an IBM trained engineer & a licensed electrician. He has worked for both the British Military & Hong Kong Government.

After suffering an industrial injury, Cyril started studying the field of pain management & spent 8 years in a successful clinic combining bio-feedback & energy therapy. Cyril  also helped develop the NES MiHealth device, a powerful, non-invasive hand-held bio-feedback device.

Cyril brings the latest cutting edge information on EMF to the public through his presentations.

With his partner Monique, Cyril runs Health Express World, a business providing leading edge products, personalised service and education to health professionals & the general public. 

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Understanding EMF Shielding, with Cyril Bourke

Key Notes

  • 2:45 Cyril explains his entry to the world of electronics
  • 4:28  Cyril had an accident which led him to use energy medicine & bio-feedback to recover.
  • 9:41 Biological chemistry relies on electrical fields
  • 12:00  Any therapy will only be effective if you first remove or reduce harmful agents.
  • 14:54  Your body heals  & repairs itself, not someone or something else.
  • 15:54  There are two major forms of electro-magnetic radiation –  electric fields (which holds a charge in particles) and magnetic fields (when a current runs).
  • 18:52 DNA helices are held together by electro-magnetic torsion.
  • 21:27 Pulsed EMF therapy devices – a discussion
  • 28:12 There are many biological tests used to identify EMF related health issues
  • 35:15Real EMF shielding occurs when radiation is blocked. Many devices which claim to shield are not providing shielding.
  • 39:25 Consider shielding your bedroom as the most important area to shield.
  • 42:00  Shielding of electric fields can be done with paints, meshes under carpets, earthing, window films.
  • 46:41 Shielding magnetic fields (eg. behind a meter box) is done with a cobalt material.
  • 50:37 Dr. Klinghardt’s experiment using shielding devices on chickens.
  • 53:55 Practical tips to shield include wiring with ethernet, turn off electricity to bedroom at night, avoid bluetooth/smart devices, move phone away from body.
  • 60:43 Dirty electricity can be reduced by stetzer filters or replacing electrical cables with new Screen cabling.
  • 68:00 Cyril is developing a new industrial filter to reduce dirty electricity from solar panels & neighbours’ electricity.

Links & Resources

Dr Russell Cooper Biological Markers of Electro Magnetic Hypersensitivity  Here  

Magnetic Shielding demonstration   Here    

Australian Institute of Health & Safety, Article ” Why Insurance firms don’t provide coverage for EMF related claims”   Here 

Websites to inform you of radiation levels in your area – https://www.rfnsa.com.au  & https://www.acma.gov.au

EMF Consultations, products & services  https://healthexpressworld.com/

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