Ep. 025 Shining Light on Viruses

Viruses have become a hot topic, especially of late! But viruses may not be all that they have been thought to be. Learn some fascinating insights and history of theories surrounding viruses.

Have you ever heard of our ‘virome’? (Similar to our microbiome?) You may be surprised that leading virologists are claiming that viruses have a potentially beneficial and important role to play in our body.

You’ll Learn

  • What are viruses? – Common current scientific descriptions 
  • What leading virologists are discovering about viruses
  • The ‘Germ Theory’ versus the ‘Terrain Theory’
  • What is the ‘virome’
  •  Leading safe & natural therapeutics to help our immunity

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Shining Light on Viruses, with Maniisha Bluntschli

Key Points

  • 4:58 Common medical & scientific definitions of viruses
  • 7:40 Dr. Robert O Young – Virus means poison in latin. They are cellular waste, from the breakdown of diseased cells.
  • 9:25 Historically, Bechamp, a French microbiologist scientist, also stated viruses are a discharge from a cell breaking down.
  • 10:04 Retroviruses – are they real? Or do they originate from environmental poisoning? An example of polio in relation to DDT.
  • 11:12  Dr. O Young states the case that germs don’t cause disease. They are a result of disease.
  • 11:57 Leading world expert virologist Prof. Herbet Virgin Ph.D. presents the virome to be part of our microbiome, which plays a vital beneficial role for our immune system, in particular inflammatory conditions.
  • 19:03  A deeper look at the ‘virome’.
  • 21:40  A look at the ‘Germ Theory’, being the basis of our current medical understanding of viruses.
  • 22:52 Another perspective is the ‘Terrain Theory’ which suggests that it is our underlying condition of blood, tissue and cells which determines our health, not germs.
  • 24:00 A deeper look at the science behind the ‘virome’ shows that viruses help to control infections and protect our cells. The state of our tissues / terrain determines determines how the viruses behave. Diet and other lifestyles factors are major factors in influencing outcome of behaviour of viruses.
  • 28:45 Bechamp discovered tiny particles in blood, named microzyma and now recognised as ‘exosomes’ very alike to viruses. They are off shoots of unwell cells and contain genetic material. 
  • 29:03 John Hopkins discovered that these exosomes are piezo-electric generators – they produce energy to repair cells.
  • 30:00 Can viruses cause disease? A case of German Dr. Lanka challenges this notion.
  • 32:15 Does HIV cause AIDS? One is a particle, one in a condition. Which causes which?
  • 32:55  Viruses are components of cells which contain building blocks and genetic material.  According to Dr. Lanka, it has been impossible to show viruses cause disease. He says, in fact they play a supportive, not destructive, role.
  • 36:40 We can take control of our health by simple measures such as sunshine, healthy diet, plenty of outdoor exercise, getting restful sleep and culturing beneficial thoughts.
  • 37:19 Safe alternative therapeutics for viruses include ozone therapies, light therapeutic, especially ultra violet light, plus polyphenol rich food, magnetism and keeping a clean electro-magnetic environment.

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