Ep. 023 Resolving Scars in Your Energy Field

Resolving Scars in Your Energy Field, with Maniisha Bluntschli

You’ll Learn

  • What scars do to your energy field
  • How scars hold traumas and memories
  • Energy precedes matter in body health
  • Three major ways that TCM treats scars – needling, moxa and electro stimulation
  • Unusual, hard to treat chronic conditions can be due to scars
  • Using botanicals and light to resolve scar blockages 
  • The power of gentle and loving acceptance in healing 

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Resolving Scars in Your Energy Field, with Maniisha Bluntschli

Key Notes

  • (1:40) Our body has a network of electrical circuits, or acupuncture meridians, which transmit electrons through pathways of muscles which are coated in semi-conductor fibrous tissue.
  • (3:05) If there is blockage in an electrical circuit, it reduces slows energy flow to the area and beyond.
  • (4:10) Emotional traumas create a magnetic disruption to the energy field.
  • (5:30) Large transverse scars are worst for our health.
  • (6:51) Working on scars and release emotional traumas associated with the event that caused them.
  • (8:10) Physical issues follow the pattern of energy. Energy flows from our intention & attention.
  • (13:30) Scar therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is considered important for healing.
  • (19:55) The intention of TCM scar therapy is to improve circulation – it can be done by needling around the scar, using heating moxibustion over the area or using micro-current over the scar tissue.
  • (28:10) Other methods to resolve scars include botanical substances such as Vitamin E, frankinsence or DMSO on the scar area. 
  • (36:00) Low level laser or near infra red light torches can be used alone or in combination with botanicals over the scars to improve circulation and healing of the scars.
  • (37:45) Oxygenated creams or ointments, such as infused Cellfod or ozonated olive oils, may potentially clear scar energy blockages.
  • (40:00) The physical scar is an outward manifestation of emotional and energetic blockage. Accepting the trauma and emotions can help to resolve the energetic block.

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